Who We Are

English language academy.

Inspire Next International Academy is a fast-growing training institute that offers different courses with intelligence information that has a positive effect on the participants. It is designed to assist you in-depth the top to bottom information on all the topics. This is one of the most wanted certifications in the business. We are expert OET, IELTS, and PTE trainers since 2018. We raise your spirits to join now and advantage from our courses and classes with our professional supervision. Your profession is characterized by what you know and where you get this knowledge. It is the place where you get everything that you want in the field of Technology.

Our Specialty

Why you should choose us.

Regular Course

1 and 3 month courses available for doctors, nurses and other professionals.

Group Booking

To avail discount in exam fee. We help our students to book in group and avail discount.

Crash Course

10 and 15 days crash courses available for working professionals.


Individual classes with experts on Writing and Speaking.

One-to-One Session

Individual attention on Writing and Speaking subtests.

Mock Tests

Individual attention with grading.

Exam Registration

We provide exam registration support, especially for beginners.

Online Training

We provide training as per students convenient time, free materials and group chat.

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